Cylinderhead FORD 1,0 Ecoboost


Cylinder head for power units with description 1.0 ECOBOOST. The factory introduced it in 2012 and today it can be found in many FORD models. These engines are popular despite their small volume, mainly due to low consumption and emissions. With turbocharger it has higher power than would be expected. Despite these positive characteristics, problems can occur with this engine, from a burst hose for draining the hot cooling water to damage to the cylinder head.

In ET Engineteam product range you will find cylinder head HL0123, which is in great demand. This cylinder head includes valves and valve spring. Suitable for vehicles Ford Connect, Grand Tourneo Connect, B-Max, C-Max, Fiesta, Transit Courier or Grand C-max with engines e.g. M1DA, M1DD, M1JA, M1JE, M2GA, SFCA, SFCC, SFJA, YYJA.

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General information

Title:Cylinder Head
Car:Ford B-Max Focus Mondeo Fiesta M1DA YYJA 1,0 EcoBoost 2012+
Weight  :10,00 kg