• Free shipping to EU countries up to a certain limit see price list here - DHL/DPD delivery as standard service.
  • Shipping outside the EU – TNT Economy Express as standard service. Shipping worldwide within 2-7 days. The shipping price depends on the weight and destination of the shipment. During the ordering process a form is filled out and data such as country, city and ZIP code is requested. The form is used to calculate the price and determine the delivery time. The price offer will be displayed later in your profile or you will receive the offer by e-mail, depending on your preference.
  • Personal acceptance of goods in our company premises is not possible due to the current situation.
  • Delivery time depends on the selected shipping method and destination.


  • By bank transfer based on the proforma invoice (you will receive the proforma invoice with details of the payment details with which you will make the payment. After the payment of the appropriate amount to our account we will ship the goods).
  • Paypal

Purchase order

  • You can track the order status after logging in the menu under (the heading) Orders. You always see the order overview and the current order status.
  • If the goods are in stock and have been ordered by 10 am, they will be shipped the same day.


  • For all products we grant the standard period of 24 months.

Return policy

  • End consumers (private persons) can return the goods within 14 days after the date of purchase. The goods must not be damaged and may not be returned if they have already been installed in a vehicle. If possible, the return should be made in the original packaging.
  • Companies can return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase. Items marked OMV (Limited Return Policy) can only be returned after prior consultation with the seller. For these products, the seller may charge a return fee of 0-50% of the sales price (this fee includes transport costs or repackaging and the associated handling fees). The goods must be undamaged and may not be returned if they have already been installed in a vehicle.
  • Please send us the return delivery form together with the returned goods. The information provided in the form includes your personal details and the details about the returned goods (invoice number, reason for return). This should make it much easier to identify the purchase order. You can download the relevant form in the footer of the website.
  • If the reason for returning the goods is the buyer's responsibility, the buyer bears the return delivery costs incurred.


  • Complaints are handled as standard. It is necessary to fill in a complaint form with all necessary data (to be found for download in the footer of the website). These are in particular article number, description of the problem, detailed information about the vehicle, diagnostic protocol if necessary. The spare part will be sent to our address. The more information you provide us with, the more efficiently we can process the complaint.
  • Please do not forget to include your contact details and the receipt number (copy if necessary) for the spare part purchased.

Advantages of registration?

  • Registered users have access to the order history and related documents.
  • In many cases, registered users also receive offers for discounts.

Purchase without sales tax (VAT)

When shopping in the e-shop, it is displayed whether the prices are with or without VAT. The customer is obliged to pay the VAT. With these exceptions:

  • Companies with registered VAT number in the EU: If you provide us with your VAT number (Ust-IdNr.), we will invoice without VAT. Please tell us your VAT number already during the registration process. After we have received your registration, your VAT number will be checked in the EU register to confirm the valid VAT registration. (Subsequent requests for a change of documents and handling of complaints make the whole process much more difficult).
  • Customers outside the EU. Non-EU customers buy the goods without VAT. The respective country decides on the tax and customs rates and their payment based on the laws and regulations applicable there.

What customs duties do I have to pay?

  • Customs duties are only incurred if the goods are delivered to locations outside the EU customs territory. Deliveries are customs cleared at the moment they leave the EU customs territory. Customs clearance costs are included in the price of transport. For information about transport costs, please contact us.
  • VAT and customs duties, which are incurred for the country of destination, are not included in the price. These fees must be paid by the consignee in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Did not find the spare part you were looking for?

  • If you have not found what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to get the spare part for you.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you doubt the application and function of a specific spare part or if you are not sure about the correct part identification. Let us know which spare part you are looking for and give us as detailed information as possible about your vehicle (VIN code, engine code, model-type-engine volume).